Pine tree, 2019


My dad is a hunter and we have always been looking for roe deers together. When we find them, a kind of longing stills.

The roe deer in wood are on a scale of 1:1 and an extension of the same fascination, and at the same time a material study in wood. A log stripped of its bark reminds me, with its graining and twigs, of a skinned roe deer and by chiseling all the body parts out of the log and then reassembling them, as a puzzle, I repeat all my father’s dismembering of animales in reverse. I build something piece by piece hoping to make it alive again.

The installation with the physical roe deer in wood and the roe deer on the screen is an attempt to stop the time before the animal feel the weathering of me.

The roe deer was exhibited in the group exhibition Unreliable Naturalists* at SUPERMARKET and Galleri Majkens 2019.