Om det är högt blir magen rädd men jag försöker ändå


Pink LED-light, 2019


The quote on the wall comes from a 7-year-old girl who practices gymnastics in the GF hall. She said: If it is high the stomach gets scared but I still try. Her name is Neiyla and she explains how it feels to jump high. Her words remind us to dare to be vulnerable, understand our fear and challenge it instead of ignoring it. She doesn’t say that she will manage the challenge, only that she will try. The writing is her own and with an obvious pondus it takes place on the wall. Children’s words do not adapt. They are free, playful and sprawl in all directions. They are not limited by margins, lines or basis.

The sign is a public commission for Telge-fastigheter and their new sports arena in Södertälje Sweden.