Man kan bara rädda det man älskar

Pine tree, cherry tree and birch tree, 2020

The artwork Du kan bara rädda det du älskar (You can only save that which you love), consists of tools carved in wood and was part of the exhibition Så känn med handen mot marken (Feel with your palm to the ground), at Gallery 7B in Norrköping. The models are replicas of tools inherited from my grandfather that in their wood form have lost their function. Creating these objects became a way for me to learn a craft that is no longer passed down in my family, while the tools’ lack of function clarifies an emotional value that is easy to lose in the era of disposability. The axe becomes a portrait of something missing and maybe soon forgotten.

”Hon vill inte se verket som ett romantiserande, utan som en hyllning, och talar även om det svenska vemodet i verktygen, och om att stanna upp och se de små mirakel som finns i ens närhet.”
Susanna Beskow Norgren, Folkbladet