Kampen II

  • Video, 60 min, 2011

    The individual in Sweden has been separated from the collective and the language has changed. We talk about entrepreneurship and free speech, the free speech that can change and improve for those who are strong on their own. The importance of the struggle has changed meaning, and lost the group on its way.

    In the forest belonging to the 90’s and childhood memories three people take turns hugging a tree. The Birchtrees trunk bends in a storm and does not break as easily as other trees. When one can not hold on any longer another one steps in. In an attempt to reformulate a mother’s action thirty years earlier they hang there and wait. It becomes a performance and a tribute, something to do in the mean time and a search for words with a meaning.

  • ”En outtröttlig hyllning till den envisa trädkramaren.”
    – Maria Schottenius, Dagens Nyheter